Simunye Ngothando
In the summer of 1983 I was sun dancing when the vision came of a man standing, looking at me. He moved toward me, then suddenly he disappeared, and where he had been I saw an oval-shaped chamber. Inside that chamber were men and women singing. It was being revealed to me that I was to build sound peace chambers where people could chant for world peace.

Somehow the Vast Self was involved in the sound chamber, not just the individual self. I already knew that what we recognized as the personal self is but an echo of the Vast Self, which is the eternal Self. Somehow I knew that the sound chamber had something to do with how the eternal Self was involving all of our lives holistically, and that sound is another form of holism that is an ingredient of our physical well-being, our planetary well-being, our environmental well-being.

When I had this vision, I spoke to the United Nations about it, because I recognized the UN as the entity for world peace. Today, we have sound peace chambers in countries all over the world, including the United States.

In another vision I was instructed to build ceremonial fires in the sound peace chambers. I built the first fire on April 7, 1984, and now ask keepers of the sound peace chambers around the world to light a fire on the seventh of every month.
It is 24 years since I had the vision to create the chambers, and 24 years is a sacred time in our tribal tradition, a time when the energy of power expands to all the different directions and to the galaxies. I am asking for the people all over the world to think about peace in their homes and their lives and their families.

You are here at this time because you are supposed to be here. As you are peaceful, you will pass this peace to your children and grandchildren, and they will grow up to BE the peace of the whole world.
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